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People from these islands have over the centuries left to find new lifes and homes far from these shores.

A British culture has spread far and wide over the globe however even the ex-pat can feel the tug of home. This site although mainly ment for ex pats is very useful and can be found at and is well worth a look. Below is a short piece from the site.

Castles of Britain

Visiting castles is a great way to relive history. These relics of the past help us to understand how people lived and worked in times past. It’s important to preserve them and our heritage. I found a fantastic website which is dedicated to the study and promotion of British castles. Even if you’re not a historian, just take a virtual tour around this website – they have everything you could ever want to know about British castles, and more!

Missing home?

Most expats are living overseas by choice; some do it short-term for travel, adventure or money, or a combination of these. Some join the Foreign Office, aid agencies or HM Forces and lead a permanently nomadic life. Others choose to up sticks and head off to settle in another land in the hope of a better lifestyle, or perhaps to assist those less well-off. Mostly, I guess we’re all happy with our choice but the longer one is away, the rosier Old Blighty can seem.

I’ve always enjoyed being overseas and found that “home” was where my lap-top was. But when, whilst living in Peshawar, Pakistan, I started having wonderful dreams about being in a supermarket, I knew I had probably been away too long. When in Britain, a trip to the supermarket is the last thing I’m interested in.

I miss good old British Pubs, others miss the shopping. Several people sum it up in one word – Marmite! Sometimes, though, it’s comforting to see familiar landscapes and architecture. Just as the old family album can bring back a host of happy memories, so too can a print of a well-loved place. Each of us has our own “absent friend” and, with luck, a way of filling the gap.”

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