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The Scottish Printing Archival Trust

Welcome to this, the first SPRAT Newsletter What are we? Who are we? What are we about?

The SPRAT acronym stands for the Scottish Printing Archival Trust which was registered in 1988 with the main purpose of “conserving knowledge and examples of Scotland’s book (and other) printing heritage for the benefit of the public and print/media education.”

The Trust’s objectives are: to record information, institute research and acquire material relating to the technological, social, educational and historical development of Scottish printing; to make this material available to the public — through exhibitions, publications and otherwise; to acquire funds and premises for the above objectives and manage their control and to do all things as will properly attain the above purposes.

Our secretary became aware that an era in Scottish printing had ended with the demise of Clark-Constable Ltd in 1986 signifying, as it did, the death of the major players in the Edinburgh book printing league. Clark-Constable was itself an amalgam of notable firms (R. and R. Clark; Morrison and Gibb; T. and A. Constable; Oliver and Boyd; Thomas Nelson; Darien Press).

Approaches to interested individuals and organisations who shared his view that this printing past should be “conserved” resulted in the formation, initially, of a Steering Group and then the Trust itself whose members are: Chairman Robert Thomson; Secretary James Keppie; Treasurer R Michael Jeffrey; Ian M. Campbell; Helen Clark.
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