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Scottish Labour History Collections

Some of Collections held by the “National Library of Scotland”

1. Trade Unions and Co-operative Societies
Note: surviving records of Scottish co-operative societies formerly held by the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society in their Glasgow Head Office have been deposited with the City of Glasgow Council Archives, Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow G3 7DN.

BLIND & DISABLED: Acc.4686, Acc.9418. records of National League of the Blind and Disabled, Edinburgh Branch, 1943-1975; Scottish District Council minutes and reports, 1942-1985.
BOILERMAKERS, SHIPWRIGHTS, BLACKSMITHS & STRUCTURAL WORKERS: Acc.4596, Acc.4727. records of Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers, Shipwrights, Blacksmiths and Structural Workers, Leith Shipwrights Section Records, 1873-1918; Leith no. 1 and no. 2 Branch minutes, 1945-1965.
BOOKBINDERS: Acc.11459. letter-book of the Secretary of the Edinburgh Union Society of Journeymen Bookbinders, including correspondence with sister societies in London, Glasgow, Dumfries, Manchester, and Dublin, 1822-1855.
BREWERY WORKERS: Acc.4962. minutes of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, Brewery Branch, Edinburgh, 1942-1946.
BUILDING WORKERS: Acc.4724. minutes of the Edinburgh Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Marble and Granite Workers (later the Building and Monumental Workers’ Association of Scotland (Granite Workers Section), which became part of the Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers), 1919-1959.
BUILDING WORKERS: Acc.4758. minutes of the Edinburgh Branch of the Constructional Engineering Union, 1942-1946.
BUILDING WORKERS: see also Painters, Plasterers, Plumbing, Slaters.
CABINET AND CHAIRMAKERS: Acc.5436. records of the Edinburgh Branch of the Scottish National Union of Cabinet and Chairmakers (later the United Operative Cabinet and Chairmakers’ Association of Scotland), the Edinburgh Society of Cabinet and Chairmakers, and the United Furniture Trades Committee of Edinburgh, 1833-1937.
CARTERS: Dep.174. records of Scottish Commercial Motormen’s Union and predecessor bodies (Scottish Carters’ Association and Scottish Horse and Motormen’s Association), 1890-1966.
CLERKS: Acc.4723. records of the Edinburgh Branch of the National Union of Clerks, 1911-1919.
COACHMAKERS: see Vehicle Builders.
CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (BORDER): Acc.4772; Dep.177. records of Galashiels Co-operative Society, 1846-1909; Galashiels Waverley Co-operative Society, 1867-1909; Galashiels Co-operative Coal Society, 1879-1911; Galashiels United Co-operative Society, 1909-1951; Peebles Co-operative Society, 1889-1967; and Innerleithen and Walkerburn Co-operative Society, 1875-1961.
CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (BRECHIN UNITED): Acc.4827. records, 1833-1945.
CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (KINGSKETTLE): Mf.MSS.163. microfilm of records of the Kingskettle Co-operative Society (Fife), 1826-1902.
CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (SCOTTISH MIDLAND): Acc.11835. minutes, business records, correspondence and papers of St. Cuthbert’s Co-operative Association, Edinburgh, and other constituents of the Scottish Midland Co-operative Society, 1864-1991.
COOPERS: Acc.4135. records of the Edinburgh and District Branch of the National Trade Union of Coopers, 1902-1965.
DOCKERS: Acc.11457. miscellaneous papers relating to dockers in the port of Leith, Edinburgh, the Transport and General Workers Union, Leith Docks branch, and industrial relations and operation of the port of Leith, 1873-1974.
DOCKERS: Acc.12234. minutes and other papers of the 7/45 Leith Dockers Branch, Transport and General Workers Union and predecessor bodies, 1930-1989.
ELECTRICAL TRADES’ UNION: Acc.4314. records of the Edinburgh Central Branch, Electrical Trades Union, 1926-1960.
ENGINEERS: Acc.4516, Acc.5734, Acc.4725, Acc.9853. records of the Amalgamated Engineering Union, Edinburgh District Committee, 1915-1944; reports of wage negotiations with East of Scotland employers, 1908-1937; Edinburgh Central Branch records, 1936-1959; Musselburgh Branch minutes, 1919-1980.
FOUNDRY WORKERS: Acc.5010, Acc.5088, Acc.9095; Dep.204. records of Scottish constituents of the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers, Foundry Section, 1840-1946, 1889-1967, 1867-1947.
GENERAL & MUNICIPAL WORKERS: Acc.4525. records of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers, Edinburgh No. 5 Branch, 1917-1961.
INSURANCE OFFICIALS: Acc.4726. records of the Guild of Insurance Officials, Edinburgh Branch, 1923-1956.
JOURNALISTS: see Elliot (Donald M.).
MINEWORKERS: Dep.176, box 2/1. membership register of the Ayrshire Miners’ Union, 1892.
MINEWORKERS: Dep.304. minutes of Fife and Kinross Miners’ Association, 1901-1913.
MINEWORKERS: MSS.8023-5. minutes of Larkhall Miners’ Association [Lanarkshire], 1890-1894.
MINEWORKERS: Dep.227, Dep.258; Acc.4311, Acc.4312, Acc.10483. records of former district offices of the National Union of Mineworkers, Scottish Area: Ayr, 1924-1972 (Dep.258, Acc.10483); Fife, 1918-1963 (Acc.4311); Lanark, 1887-1967 (Dep.227); and Lothians, 1894-1946 (Acc.4312).
MINEWORKERS: Acc.9805. a large series of correspondence files, minute books and other records (321 files) from the Edinburgh Head Office of the National Union of Mineworkers, Scottish Area, 1911-1985.
MINEWORKERS: Acc.10483. letter-books of the secretaries of the Gilmerton, Loanhead and Burghlee branches of the Lothians District, National Union of Mineworkers, Scottish Area, 1947-1961.
MINEWORKERS: Acc.10812. further records from the Edinburgh Head Office, National Union of Mineworkers, Scottish Area, 1947-1985, including: full original draft of R. Page Arnot, ‘A History of the Scottish Miners from Earliest Times’ (abridged version published as History of the Scotish Miners, London, 1955); minute books, 1966-1969 of the Easthouses Branch; photograph album from Polish miners, c. 1950; and some union publications relating to Scottish pit disasters, 1950-1959.
MINEWORKERS: Acc.4570. records of the Scottish Colliery Enginemen, Boilermen and Tradesmens’ Association and predecessor bodies (United Engine Keepers’ Mutual Protective Association of Scotland, Scottish Colliery Enginemen and Boilermens’ Association), 1877-1965.
MINEWORKERS: Acc.4730, Acc.4731, Acc.4732. three photographs relating to Fife mineworkers, c1900, 1926, c1930.
MINEWORKERS: Acc.4825. copies of various militant miners and associated local Communist parties news sheets, 1925-1931.
MINEWORKERS: Acc.5056. promissory note for one shilling issued by the Bowhill Branch of the Fife Miners’ Union during a strike ‘for recognition of minimum wage’, 1920.
MUSICIANS: Acc.4341. records of the Edinburgh Branch, Musicians’ Union, 1908-1948.
PAINTERS: Acc.4235, Acc.11861. minutes and roll-books of the Scottish Painters’ Society, Edinburgh Central Branch, 1872-1920, 1942-1960.
PAINTERS: Acc.4412. records of the Edinburgh District Committee of the Scottish Painters’ Society, 1898-1950.
PLASTERERS: Acc.4411. records of Edinburgh and Montrose Branches of Scottish National Operative Plasterers’ Union, 1864-1955.
PLUMBING: Acc.4961, Acc.4722. records of Edinburgh and Leith Lodges, Plumbing Trades Union, 1872-1920, 1942-1960.
PLUMBING: Acc.4339. copies of notes by J. O. French on the history of the United Operative Plumbers’ Association of Great Britain, 1865-1965, predecessor of the Plumbing Trades Union, 1965.
POSTAL WORKERS: Acc.11553. minutes and other records of Edinburgh and East of Scotland branches of the Union of Communication Workers, formerly the Union of Post Office Workers, 1924-1990.
PRINTERS: Acc.9792, Acc.9845. National Union of Operative Printers and Assistants (NATSOPA), Edinburgh and Granton Chapel minutes, 1941-1948.
PRINTERS: Acc.5277/7. minutes of the Dundee Typographical Society (a member of the Scottish Typographical Association), Dundee Courier & Argus Chapel, 1879-1897.
PRINTERS: Acc.4068, Acc.4593. records of the Edinburgh Typographical Society (a member of the Scottish Typographical Association), Press and Machinemens’ Section records, 1873-1955.
PRINTERS: Acc.3035. minutes and other papers of the Edinburgh Branch, Printing and Kindred Trades Federation, 1907-1946.
PRINTERS: Acc.12160, Acc12191. minutes and other papers of the Graphical, Paper and Media Union, Edinburgh Branch, and predecessor bodies (National Union of Printing, Bookbinding, Machine Ruling and Paper Workers; Society of Graphical and Allied Trades). 1909-1997
PRINTERS, BOOKBINDERS, MACHINE-RULERS & PAPER WORKERS: Acc.4395. records of Edinburgh branches of the National Union of Printers, Bookbinders, Machine-Rulers and Paper Workers (including predecessor societies), 1822-1956.
PUBLIC EMPLOYEES: Acc.4971. records of the Scottish Region, National Union of Public Employees [now part of UNISON], 1920-1962.
PUBLIC EMPLOYEES: Acc.4595. records of the Edinburgh Gas Section of the National Association of Local Government Officers, 1954-1963.
RAILWAY CLERKS: Acc.4262. copies of documents regarding the Railway Clerks Association Scottish salaries movement and recognition fight and Scottish advisory council, 1912-1948.
RAILWAY CLERKS: Acc.4667. records of Edinburgh no. 1 Branch of the Railway Clerks’ Association, later the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association, 1928-1961.
RAILWAYMEN: Acc.4313, Acc.4342; Dep.188. records of branches no. 1 and no. 3 of the National Union of Railwaymen, Edinburgh, 1876-1958; Leith Branch records, 1897-1907.
RAILWAYMEN: Acc.4597. two decorative scrolls from the Portobello Branch of the National Union of Railwaymen, 1890, c1919.
RAILWAYMEN: Acc.4729. records of the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen, Glasgow Maryhill Branch, 1914-1956.
RAILWAYMEN: Acc.12255 [Mf.MSS.588]. microfilm of the minutes of the National Union of Railwaymen, Newcastleton Branch, 1917-1968.
SCOTTISH TRADES UNION CONGRESS: Mf.MSS.36-141, Mf.MSS.176-177, Mf.MSS.200-207, Mf.MSS.217-219, Mf.MSS.232-236, Mf.MSS.458-841. microfilm copies of the bound series of General Council minutes, reports and papers, 1897-1980.
SCOTTISH TRADES UNION CONGRESS: Acc.4683, Acc.4333. minutes and papers of trades councils affiliated to the Congress, 1948-1972; correspondence of the General Council officers with the National Union of Journalists, and the National Union of Bank Employees, 1927-1957.
SCOTTISH TRADES UNION CONGRESS: [restricted – listing in progress]. correspondence files of the General Secretary and other General Council officers from the Congress office, Glasgow, c1960-1985.
SEAMEN: Acc.4222, Acc.5225, Acc.5428, Acc.11555. minutes of the Leith (1918-1936, 1945-1967) and Ardrossan (1919-1965) branches of the National Union of Seamen; photocopies of some official registration books and certificates of discharge of merchant seamen, 1937-1984 (Acc.11555).
SHEET METAL WORKERS AND BRAZIERS: Acc.4050. records of the Edinburgh no. 1 Branch (incorporating earlier unions) of the National Union of Sheet Metal Workers and Braziers, 1866-1952.
SHERIFF CLERKS: Dep.371. records of the Sheriff Clerks’ Association of Scotland, 1877-1944.
SHIPWRIGHTS: Acc.5017. copy of a membership card from Shipwrights’ Provident Union of Leith, 1824.
SHOP WORKERS: Acc.3537; Dep.359. minutes of the Leith Branch and Edinburgh District Council of Union of Shop, Distributive & Allied Workers and predecessor body (National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants, Warehouse-men and Clerks), 1930-1943; records of the Edinburgh Branch, 1916-1982.
SLATERS: Acc.12076 [some files restricted]. records of the Edinburgh Branch of the Transport and General Workers Union, Scottish Slaters’ Section and predecessor bodies (Slaters’ Regalia Fund, Amalgamated Operative Slaters of Scotland, United Operative Slaters of Edinburgh and Leith, Amalgamated Slaters’ Society of Scotland) 1858-1977.
SLATERS: Acc.4707. records of the Amalgamated Slaters’ Society of Scotland Central Board, and Fort William and Lanark branches, 1913-1963.
TRADES COUNCIL (EDINBURGH & DISTRICT): Acc.4676, Acc.11177. microfilm copies of minutes, 1859-1949, and of annual reports and miscellaneous papers, 1921-1954 (Acc.4676). Records, 1859-1981 including minute-books of the Council, 1859-1981; annual reports and balance-sheets, 1868-1974; political committee minutes, 1926-1928; minutes and ledger of the Scottish Workers’ Representation Committee, Edinburgh Branch, 1905-1919; and some letters and papers, 1903-1928 (Acc.11177).
TRANSPORT: Acc.4269. minutes of the Edinburgh 7/21 (Corporation Transport) Branch of the Transport and General Workers Union, 1949-1951.
TRANSPORT: see Carters, Dockers, Railwaymen, Seamen, Vehicle Builders.
UPHOLSTERERS: Acc.4071. minutes of the Edinburgh Upholsterers’ Society (later incorporated in the National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives), 1891-1898.
VEHICLE BUILDERS: Acc.4046. three “tramp books” of Edinburgh-based members of the United Kingdom Society of Coachmakers, 1863-1894.
VEHICLE BUILDERS: Acc.4572. records of the National Union of Vehicle Builders, Edinburgh Branch, 1867-1929.
VEHICLE BUILDERS: Acc.12068 [some files restricted]. records of the Edinburgh Branch of the Transport and General Workers Union, Automotive Section and predecessor bodies (United Kingdom Society of Coachmakers, National Union of Vehicle Builders) 1911-1987.
WEAVERS: Acc.4702. records of Fenwick Weavers’ Society, 1761-1873.
WEAVERS: Acc.4963. copy of the membership, minute and account book of the Ravel Society of Weavers of Darvel, Ayrshire, 1865-1872.
WOODWORKERS: Acc.4594. records of the Amalgamated Society of Woodcutting Machinists, Edinburgh Branch, 1898-1956.
WOODWORKERS: Acc.4685, Acc.4959; Dep.367. records of the Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, Edinburgh 1st Branch, 1866-1966; records of the Edinburgh Abbeyhill Branch, 1930-1961; minutes, correspondence and papers of the South East of Scotland District management committee, with other branch minutes, 1866-1980.


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