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Landownership Scotland

Landownership Scotland can answer any type of enquiry that relates to property ownership. We can research the history of your property or find out who owns any area of ground in Scotland. We can also find the price paid for any property, although for recent sales this can be found more cheaply through two of the web sites listed in the Contacts.

Some possible areas where we can assist you are:

Owner of vacant land adjacent to your property

There may be an overgrown lane at the side of your house and, if only you could buy a part of it, you could build that extension or garage you don’t have room for within your boundary. Landownership Scotland can find out who owns the lane and try to put you in touch with them or their solicitor.

It may be that when you bought your house, the previous owners told you that the ground at the end of the back garden did not actually belong to them, but you’ve been using it as part of your garden and would now like to make it legally part of your title. Landownership Scotland can find who does officially own the ground.

The history of your house

This is especially interesting if you live in an old house. Since each property has its own individual search sheet, we can fairly easily find out all the previous owners and the prices they paid, going back to 1876. We can search much further back than this, although it can be time-consuming depending on the names involved and incur a larger fee. In the older titles, the occupation of the buyer is usually given, as well as their previous address. For example, one property we researched used to be owned by a former Lord Provost of Edinburgh and the former owner of another property was the British High Commissioner to the Bahamas. Click on Scottish Property Records to the left for information on how the records work. If your house is in the Land Register, we will be able to give you a copy of the information held in your Land Certificate, which includes a plan of your property.

This type of historical information is sometimes used by commercial enterprises like hotels or public houses in a plaque displayed on the premises.

Family Trees

Although we do not undertake full genealogical searching, we can sometimes assist with finding details of your ancestors, but only if they were owners of property, which was far less common in the past than it is now. If you have an unusual family name, we could certainly try this for you. We could also find the owner of any particular property associated with your family at any time in the past. Through property ownership, we can often identify details of when Wills were registered and can obtain copies of these, if available.

Ownership of any area of ground in Scotland

You may have spotted a derelict house or vacant site on your travels and would love to buy it to build your ideal home. Landownership Scotland can find the owner.

On the other hand, a vacant site may be a health hazard through illegal dumping and nobody can find out who owns the ground. Landownership Scotland can find the owner.

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