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I noticed the following on “Genealogy Blog” which I thought was quite interesting.

“Alerted to the website by a note on the Roots-L Digest, I spent a few minutes on a site called this afternoon. Their site is still new enough that it’s easy to navigate within! I found two portions of the site that deal with topics that haven’t yet been dealt before. Those two are:

Coffin Plates – In this section, Brian is collecting information from Coffin plates that were removed from the coffin prior to its burial. It should make a useful – if not huge – database.

Funeral Cards – This area first has a good article written by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens CGRS – about funeral cards. It is followed by the beginnings of a database of Funeral Card information.

The site also has sections dealing with:

Census Records
Vital Records
Land Records
Immigration Records
Military Records
and other recommended websites.
The data on the site is free. However, as with so many genealogy websites, you will find links to – a pay site. However, the links aren’t intrusive or confusing, so you shouldn’t have any problem with them. Check out”

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