Family Research – English, Scottish and Irish Genealogy


A Note for Genealogists and Family Historians

Many original records are very difficult to read as they are written in an early form of handwriting and use old Scot’s word and old Scot’s legal terminology.

To overcome this problem can I suggest the following;

Handwriting-Scottish Handwriting (1500-1700) a self help pack published by the National Archives of Scotland and the Scottish Record Association and Grant Simpson’s Scottish Handwriting (Aberdeen, 1986)

Language-The concise Scots Dictionary edited by Mairi Robinson (Aberdeen, 1985); Dictionary of the Older Scots Tongue.

Legal documents-Peter Gouldesbrough a Formulary of Old Scots Legal Documents (Stair Society, 1985); Students Glossary of Scottish Legal Terms, AD Gibb (Green & Sons, 1982)

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