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Clan Bruce

The story of one of the most famous families in Scotland which produced two Scottish Kings and saved Scotland in the Wars against Edward I of England.

It is odd to think that the origin of the Bruce family is not in Scotland but at Brix in France. The family came first into England after the Norman Conquest and then later moved to Scotland .During the reign of David I the Bruce’s were granted the Strath of Annan in 1124. They eventually became Earls of Carrack and produced two Kings of Scotland, Robert the Bruce and David II. However after this period the family history becomes complex. They first appear as the lords of Clackmannan about 1340 which continued in the male line until 1772. The mid 16th century Laird David had two younger sons one of whom was the ancestor of the Bruce’s of Kennet. This family then married into the family of Balfour of Burleigh and suffered forfeiture because of the family involvement with the Jacobite uprising of 1715.which was later reversed.

The most famous line came from the grandson of David Bruce and through this line the family gained the earldom of Elgin in 1633 from Charles I. The descendants of the seventh Earl of Elgin gave generously in the public service of the British Crown as ambassadors, governors of provinces, colonies and Dominions and as viceroy’s. It was the seventh Earl of Elgin who removed the sculptures from the Parthenon in Athens and which to the present day the Greek Government have try to have them returned. The Elgin Marbles are now housed in the British Museum London.

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