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The Clans of Scotland-The Cameron family

The Cameron Clan produced some of the best military leaders in British history but were not originally Scots.

Like many Scottish Clans the Cameron Clan came into Scotland after the Norman Conquest originating at Cambernon in Western Normandy. The first recorded Cameron is reputed to be Sir John Cameron who was Sheriff of Perth in 1264. They held lands near to Edinburgh but gradually moved to Strathearn and Lochaber becoming allies to the Lords of the Isles and fought against the House of Stewart but gradually changed sides especially once the Lordship of the Isles became forfeit in the 16th century. However there former opposition to the Scottish Crown did not endear them to the Stewarts and so they did receive any help from that quarter and because of this gradually lost land and power.

This changed in the 17th century due to the support given by Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel to the Royalist cause in 1650 and again in the Jacobite uprisings of 1715 and 1745. Sir Donald Cameron of Lochiel was called “the Gentle Lochiel” because many believed he was a Vampire as his grandfather was supposed to have given an English Officer a Vampire kiss in 1650.

After Culloden the Cameron Highlanders saw service in many fields of battle and in the growing and expanding British Empire. However the real truth was it was either serve in the army or be driven from your land during the highland clearances.

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