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Why the Church Magazine is a good source of Genealogical Information

One excellent source of genealogical information is the Church Magazine which is done by many Churches. As within these magazines there is normally a wealth of useful Genealogical information. For example there is always a section in the magazine for Baptisms, Deaths and Marriages done by the particular Church. As a for example I have noted the type of information found in the Church magazine for St Thomas-Junction Road Church-Leith.

Congregational Statistics as at 31st December 1967

Membership 791
Loses 1968 Death 16
Disjunction Certificates 53

Gains new members
By Profession 7
By Certificate 11

Membership as at 31st December 1968 740

Number of Households 466
Numbers who communicated at least
Once in 1968 587
Number of Baptisms 13
Number of Marriages 8

Congregational Register

Jan 5th 1969 (born 10th November 1968) Stuart Wm. McPherson, 1 Wardlaw Place, Edinburgh, EH11

Dec 17th Mr David Martin, 114 Duke Street, Leith
Dec 21st Mr John Etterbank, 36 Ryehill Avenue, Leith
Dec 23rd Mr Alex.Wilson, 6 Bangor Road, Leith
Dec 24th Dr Harold Labouri, 18 Baronscourt, Edinburgh

New member
By Certificate
Dec.15th Mrs Lyons, 180 Cables Wynd House, Leith

Disjunction Certificate
Dec 9th Mrs Slimon, 27 Dutton Place, Blackpool

Change of Address
Miss H. Christie from 120 Restalrig Road to 324 Easter Road, Leith
Mrs Ann Gaudy from 42 North Fort Street to 7 North Fort Street

Elders District
The new Elder of District 31 is Mr A. Rodgers, 45 Restalrig Road.

If information is required from a Church magazine. Please ensure that you know the approximate date of the Death, Marriage or Baptism required, the name of the Church concerned, the type of information required. In the first instances it is best to write to the Session Office or Church office concerned. If for leith a list of Church addresses can be found at the “Leith Churches together” website or for outside leith from the “” website.

With permission of the Minister and Kirk Session of St Thomas-Junction Road Church all rights acknowledged

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