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UK Genealogy: Common Acronyms and Jargon

Sometimes genealogy can seem to teem with acronyms and jargon – we have a look at a site which aims to try to dispell some of the confusion.
As a genealogist it can often be confusing to tell your GEDCOMS from your PRO’s, but this simple site aims to help make everything clear for you and I.

UK Genealogy: Common Acronyms and Jargon

The site is run by Mark Howells (who also helps with Cindis list (Cindi being Cindi Howell).

Although this site is limited to only a few key acronymns (about 20-30) it combines a really convenient list of links from which you can find out more and investigate to your pleasure.

The site is neat and well presented, lacking the flashy graphics of some sites in favour of getting the message across which is something we really like.

One downside to this site is that it was last update in 2001, although this doesn’t really matter as acronymns don’t change regularly.

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