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The story of the Noble Family

An English family of this name settled in East Lothian as sub vassals of the family of de Vallibus (Vaux) at the end of the twelfth century

William Nobilis held part of the lands of Garmiton under William de Vallibus (Neubotle, 117). He was succeeded by his son Radulph who confirmed his father’s grants (ibid., 118). Radulphus NobiIis witnessed a grant by Vinianus de Mulineys to the Hospital of Soltre, 1198-1234 (Soltre, p. 11), and between 1214-30 he witnessed an agreement between the monks of Neubotle and Adam Malherb, lord of Morham (Neubotle, p. 67). A charter by Radolphus Ie Noble and Thomas le Noble, his son, of the lands of Ylviston, i.e. Eliston, in Lothian, to Sir David Graham, was confirmed by Alexander m, 1253 (Nisbet on RR.). Thomas le Noble and Patrick le Noble of Lothian rendered homage, 1296 (Bain, n, p. 199). In 1337 the lands of Garleton-Noble were forfeited. John Nobil appears as a Monk of Neubotle in 1398 (LSC..II0). Vilyam Nobile was chamberlain and procurator of the abbot of Arbroath at Inverness in 1464 (RAA., n.156), and the Nobles of that town may be descended from him. In 1467 the Nobles of Ferm had a charter of the lands of Ferm, now called Coates, near Rutherglen (Nisbet).

Alexander Nobill and John Nobill were murdered in Inverness in 1497 (Mackintosh, Invernessiana, p. 165), and William Nobill was tenant of Culcowe, Ardmanoch, 1504 (ER., XII, p. 662). Patrick Nobill had a remission for his share in holding Dumbarton Castle against the king, 1489 (APS., xiii, p. 34).

Robert Nobill who witnessed a sasine in favour of Mathew Stewart, son of the earl of Lennox, 1490 (Lennox, n, p. 140), is probably Robert Nobill in the burgh of Dunbertane mentioned in 1495 (REG., p. 492). A family of the name held land in Dumbartonshire in the seventeenth century (Retours, Dumbarton). Alan Nobill was tenant in barony of Stobo, 1512 (Rental)

Note Sasine is a land Grant, Neubotle is NewBattle Abbey which lies South of Edinburgh and came under Melrose Abbey which is in the Borders, A Barony is a area of land own by a Baron and Stobo is in Peebleshire which lies South-East of Edinburgh. Vilyam is William, and Dumbarton is an island in the Clyde with a major castle on it. Lothian is the area on the Firth of Forth which covers Edinburgh. On the West is West Lothian and on the East is East Lothian, a remission was a pardon from the King. The de Vallibus family (Vaux) family has monumental stone at the North East Porch of South Leith Church.

There is also a MacNoble family which was a common surname in Ross though now called “Noble”. Which in Gaelic is Mac Nobuill. There is a place called Coire Mhic Nobuill in the Parish of Applecross.which is a hamlet on the West coast of Rossshire.

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