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The Clans of Scotland-The Chisholm family

The name Chisholm has the very strange meaning of “waterside meadow for producing cheese” and could stem from Northumbria which came under Scottish control around 900AD. However in fact the name originated from Roberton in Roxburghshire and spread by the 13th century to Berwickshire.

However by the 15th century the Chisholms of Cromlix became established in Perthshire and produced at least three Bishops for Dunblane Abbey. They became involved in the corruption of the Church before the Reformation. During the reign of Mary Queen of Scots William Chisholm served his Queen by carrying out diplomatic missions to France. Later he became a French Bishop at Vaison.

The major branch of the family took over castle Urqahart (which stands on Loch Ness) in the 14th century when Robert Chisholm became constable.

By the 18th century the Chisholms were slaughtered on Culloden field in 1746. Although after the “45” Rebellion Chisholm land didn’t suffer from the Highland Clearances. This did occur from 1801 onwards with many leaving to settle in the United States and Canada. It is odd to think one of the most famous Cattle Trails in America from Texas to Kansas is called the “Chisholm Trail” which seems to link the cattle droves of the highlands with that of the American west.

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