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The Clans of Scotland-the Campbell family

The Campbell clan was one of the most ruthless in Scotland having dealings with Rob Roy Macgregar.

The Campbell Clan was the most powerful in the highlands. The name could have come from the Gaelic Na Caimbeulach meaning the men with the twisted mouth. They were first granted land 1263 from Alexander III in central Scotland. However the original name of the Campbell’s was O’Duibne or MacDuibne which was used well into the 18th century and this comes from a charter 1369 by David II to Archibald Campbell.

They were staunch royalists and supported the Stewart family and Robert the Bruce. However this was undone by the Campbell commitment to Presbyterianism and constitutional government. This led to the execution to Archibald Marquis of Argyll in 1661 and his son in 1685. Their land was restored in 1685 and with their eager support of the Union of Parliament in 1707 led the family into the British Army. However the family became involved in the highland clearances after Culloden in 1746. They were ruthless creating Crofting communities which caused overcrowding and much misery. In the 19th century they became involved in Liberal politics and totally against land reform.

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