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The Cadet Branches of the Campbell Family

The main branch of the Clan Campbell Were the Argylls however there were several cadet branches of the family which became in many ways Clans in their own right. Such as the Campbells of Glenorchy, which in time became Bradalbane, and the Campbells of Cawdor.

The Campbells of Glenorchy came from Sir Colin Campbell, eldest son of the second marriage of Lord Duncan Campbell of Lochawe and according to legend he was a Knight Hospitallier. Glenorchy originally belonged to the MacGregor Clan however the Campbells evicted them. Traditionally they victimised all their neighbours especially the Macgregor’s and by marriage alliances they expanded there holding of land. However by the 17th century by bad management, turning Catholic and insanity along with civil war in Scotland the Campbell lands were wasted. However by marriage Grey John the Laird of Glenorchy became the earl of Caithness however this was lost by 1681 and he was compensated by being made the Earl of Breadalbane. However by 1692 he became implicated in the massacre of Glencoe. By 1745 they became Jacobites in opposition to the Campbells of Argyll.

By 1843 the Cawdor family supported the Free Church at the Disruption. However, the family became absent landlords and heavily involved in the Highland Clearances and are now part of the British Peerage.

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