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NameX added to English Origins

NameX, one of the most powerful and sophisticated ‘name matching’ tools available on the Web has now been added to

Searching using the NameX feature locates a wider range of genuine variants of a person’s name than any other software. NameX is vastly superior to the widely used Soundex, which is really not well adapted for searching for name variants. For example, in a list of 55 million surnames NameX identified 147 highly plausible variants for the surname Wilson; Soundex identified 1185 “variants”, of which nearly 90% are unlikely in the extreme (eg Wahlgamath, Whilesmith, Willigenburg).

NameX works both with surnames and with forenames, and allows forename diminutives often being quite different from the “real” forename. For example, searching on Margaret will also find Marg, Mgt, Marg’t, Maggie, Peggy, etc. At the top of the Results page, names which have been included in the search are listed in a drop down box. eg. If Smith has been entered a list of names under SMITH + variants) will be displayed showing which names (such as Smithe, Smythe etc) are included in the results.

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