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Part of the fun of genealogy is sharing your research with others. Today we look at a free website which aims to help you do just that by sharing your data over the internet with other interested researchers.

With seven and a half million pages of data, 150 thousand Individuals and twenty thousand surnames, what started as a birthday present for the webmaster Dave Wilks website has grown spectacularly in the few years it has been in existance.

The main aim of the site is to allow a visitor to take a standard gedcom format file (the standard for genealogy research and upload that to the site so that it can be accessed accross the internet by others searching for the same surname and families. Not only does it allow the plan data to be viewed but it also allows the addition of notes and images, wether they be family photo’s or portraits to individual records (although this is limited to JPEG images at present)

Unlike many other websites which can charge for putting your genealogy data on the internet is self financing – relying wholly on the advertising revenue generated from the site. Although this way of paying for the site can leave some sites ovelry burdened with advertising what Dave Wilks has designed is a clean, fast loading website thats both easy to use and a joy to use.

A few important points to note – Dave will never sell your data to the various commercial websites that exists, you can remove your data from the website easily and at anytime if you decide that you don’t want to continue using the service and most important the gedcom still belongs to you.

If you want to find out more then I encourage you to visit Daves website and find out for yourself how can help you share your data.

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