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April 29th, 2015

Kirk and Scotty’s Ancestral Journey?

We have uncovered an incredible entry in the 1841 census that appears to show Scotty and Captain Kirk visiting Linlithgow on the night of the 1841 census. The two men, whose names are recorded as Montgomery Scott and James T Kirk, are both described as ’traveller’. Scott declared he was born in the county of […] Read more...

April 14th, 2015

National Museum of the Royal Navy at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Gallipoli: Myth and Memory

This year, 2015, marks the centenary year of the World War One Gallipoli campaign. Often thought of as a land battle, fought by Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) troops, Gallipoli is remembered as a failure of British leadership. The National Museum of the Royal Navy’s new exhibition Gallipoli: Myth and Memory aims to re-tell this […] Read more...

April 14th, 2015

See ‘Six VCs before breakfast’ as The Fusilier Museum marks the Gallipoli 100 weekend

Over the weekend of 24 – 26 April 2015 The Fusilier Museum, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the town of Bury will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign in a special weekend named ‘Gallipoli 100’. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet Read more...

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April 30th, 2015

Immortals! Letter hails heroes of Waterloo

Two centuries on, it remains one of the nation’s greatest military victories. But even just a day after fighting ended at Waterloo, one British soldier was declaring it ‘the most bloody as well as the most decisive battle’, a letter shows. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet Read more...

April 30th, 2015

The original lady in red

Creating romantic, sepia-toned images is a cinch now that we have Instagram filters to play with. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet Read more...

April 29th, 2015

Events, Talks and Visits

We host a variety of events, talks and visits, including lectures on historical themes and records, introductory talks on family history, school workshops and visits by groups in further and higher education and evening classes in palaeography. The seminar facility at New Register House Dome can be booked for meetings and conferences. for more click […] Read more...

April 28th, 2015

Cartoons by Stalag Luft III prisoner

Cartoons drawn by a British soldier from inside a Nazi prison camp during the Second World War are expected to fetch up to $30,000(£20,000) as part of a huge war-time auction in New York. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet Read more...

April 27th, 2015

The bullying British officer ‘murdered’ by his own side

The average lifespan of a horse at Gallipoli was one day. When I left England in early 1915, my mounted unit had 76 horses, and after three months of fighting we had nine left. The others were all killed. These horses were our best friends, and it was heartbreaking. Did you […] Read more...

April 25th, 2015

Could you survive as a Victorian pauper?

From the copper mines and jails of Poldark to the servants’ quarters at Downton Abbey, history comes alive in our favourite costume dramas. But it’s one thing to watch it – could we really survive the conditions and workloads that our forebears endured every day? Did you like this? Share it:Tweet Read more...

April 16th, 2015

From Artful Dodger to honest worker: how apprenticeships kept juvenile re-offending rates down in Victorian times

Child criminals of today more than three times more likely to re-offend than their Victorian counterparts, major study shows Did you like this? Share it:Tweet Read more...
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